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  • What is Stubborn Mule MFG?
    Stubborn Mule is primarily an OEM/Variance machine shop. This means our business is to provide other companies with high quality parts through the means of work orders and contracts. We work with large quantity orders, specializing in bulk production and variance work. Our business is not designed to provide the average consumer with a product direct from us, but rather provide another company with a product they can sell to the general market.
  • How can I request OEM/Variance work?
    If you are looking to have a product made from your own design, simply send us an email. Let us know what you're looking to achieve and we can schedule a phone call or conference to get you started. If you're interested in OEM work using our premade designs (GFY/OCTAGONAL/ETC), either send us an email or use our webstore to reserve your order. Minimum order quantity for any OEM/Variance work is set at 25 units of a similar item. (25 uppers, 25 rails, etc.)
  • What does "Reserve order" mean?
    "Reserve order" is just another term for a pre-order. This is our way to allow OEM buyers the ability to select large quantites of products they want manufactured quicker. Reserving an order lets us know sooner to begin working on your order, simplifying and speeding up the process. When you reserve a case quantity order, we will reach out to you with an email to go over what custom options (if any) you are looking to achieve for your product. It's just a way for OEM buyers to buy in bulk without us frontloading our inventory.
  • Does Stubborn Mule sell their own products?
    Stubborn Mule MFG does sell some small quantity parts and accessories to the general market. Items will include things such as firearm accessories, non-NFA parts, and some clothing/occaisional stickers and such. We do not sell firearms or nfa items outside of OEM/variance contracts with FFL holders. However, any product we sell is subject to be discontinued and never stocked again. This means things like t-shirts, stickers, or some small accessories may just stop being sold or stocked at any time, for any length of time. This is because although we want to sell our house products to the consumer market, our primary function is in the OEM/Variance contract areas.
  • Does Stubborn Mule MFG. offer a military discount?
    Yes. We do offer MIL/LE discounts on anything in stock and available on our website. Please email us from your military or law enforcement issued email address to verify. We will then email you back the discount code which can be used during online checkout. Emails can be sent to
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