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GFY Series

Complete OEM Sets


GFY Series Rifle in Magpul ODG

Our classic design


The GFY series is one of our oldest and most reliable OEM ready designs. Sporting both rugged construction and great reliability. If you're looking for a rifle that can outlast your customers, look no further than the GFY.

The Kit,

and the Caboodle 

The GFY series offers 3 primary components: the upper receiver, the lower receiver, and the handguard. All of these are meticulously machined right here in our shop from billet and extruded aluminum.

Precision machined; purpose built.


GFY Receiver set and Handguard


GFY Handguard with Barrel Nut and hardware


Nuts, Bolts, and Firing Pins

All of our parts are ready to be shipped with required hardware and mechanisms, should you chose. For example, our handguards ship with screws, anti-roll pins, and barrel nuts in the box. 

Customize your Order

More Kit, Less Caboodle

All of our series components are available for individual or combined purchase. This means you can mix and match parts to get what you need. Receiver sets, upper assemblies, or the whole build kit;

The GFY Series is sure to impress and perform.


GFY Series Receiver Set

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